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# Wishlist in 2017 [under revision]
January 01, 2017 / permalink

Good bye 2016.
Tbh, 2016 is including into one of amazing year i ever meet. Thank you so muchhhhh. I learned a lot of everything on it. Thank you.

Hy 2017!
I hope so many good things will be happen on yours.

- Become more religious.
- Increase my score rapport.
- Have vision for my next study.
- Make my parent proud of me.
- Have nice holiday with all my friend or my family in Bali.
- Have nice holiday with my friend in Tegal and Jogja by train.
- Have effective holiday with my family. At least once on this year.
- Can speak english fluently.
- Have canon m10.
- Can get some money by myself.
- More familiar with my friend. Especially my classmate.
- Have smile face.
- Become ambivert.
- Become really don't care for unimportant things.
- Reduce crying.
- Active in blog.
- Can play drum.
- Can make a poet film.
- Can make a lot of cover song with my cousin.
- Have enough sleep.
- Being a crush on someone who's have the same feeling to me. /okey i know this is weird. but who's care?
- Have nice feed on instagram.
- HAVE AN IDEAL WEIGHT. /at least, i can increase my wheight.
- Can sing with soprano voice.
- Boarding school with my friend. /or by myself.
- Always Be My Self.

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